About Us

Fit Foodz is an owner-operated company that is truly committed to delivering healthy and delicious chicken products. We have a personal stake in the complete satisfaction of our customers and first-hand knowledge of all company operations from contract to consumption.

We deliver better choices and better result.

At Fit Foodz we deliver nutritionally superior products. Our chicken is whole-muscle and is formulated to be baked rather than fried. The delicious sausage line is all-natural and contains no pork or beef. With little or no prep time and minimal clean up, Fit Foodz products are also convenient, quick and easy.

  • Lower Sodium

  • Lower Fat

  • Whole muscle

  • No additives or extenders

  • No trans fats

  • Quality Guaranteed!

WHO We Are

Our customers constantly rave about how wonderful our chicken products are.  We offer a variety of chicken items to fit your food service or retail needs.  Breaded, grilled, sausage, meatballs, crumbles, gluten-free - we have what you're looking for!

"We partner with our customers even further by working with them to develop chicken products that fit their specific needs.  As a small company, we are able to tailor products to fit multiple diet requirements which is something our clients appreciate."
- Lenna Castagna, Founder & CEO of Fit Foodz

We provide the

  • Best-Tasting

  • Highest-Quality

  • Lower-sodium food products available on the market today.